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Llanidloes - As-Sawiya Friendship Association

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Llanidloes - As-Sawiya Friendship Association

Our friendship link (part of a UK-wide network) with the rural town of As-Sawiya in Palestine, close in size to Llanidloes, started in 2009. Our aim was to offer support to people struggling under occupation in a small town like ours.

meeting between Welsh and Palestinian groups in west bank of Palestine UN international year of solidarity with gthe Palestinian people

Over the last 3 years supporters have raised money by a variety of means to provide:-

  • Internet connection for the school
  • Contribution to the repair of school wall following a flood
  • Costumes for Dabka Dancers (traditional Arabic dancing)
  • Entrance fee for the As-Sawiya team to participate in the football championship
  • Contribution to security system for school
  • Support teachers and council member to make an Educational & Cultural visit to Llanidloes & district in May 2012
  • Purchase of teaching aids for primary school children

In 2009 Mary Browning and Karin Reiter visited As Sawiya to develop the links and in the same year we had our first visitor from As-Sawiya to Llanidloes. In May this year we hosted a week long cultural & educational visit by 2 teachers and a civil servant - see photo exhibition. Mary Browning did a sponsored bike ride which raised around 1,500 and we had very generous donations of 500+ which, together with money raised at table-top sales and a Ceildhi, met the costs of travel, visas expenses, hotel accommodation and border fees.

We are continuing to fund raise in order to support the community in As Sawiya so ideas for future events are very welcome. Please contact us if you would like further information about our friendship link or would like us to talk to your group about this project.

Most importantly we want to say a very big THANK YOU to all the people who are supporting the friendship link in many different ways.

Our aims are:

  • To provide friendship and support to the people of As Sawiya.
  • To raise awareness of the circumstances and suffering of the Palestinian people.
  • To arrange and fund visits for people from As Sawiya to Llanidloes and support return visits.
  • To contribute financially to small grass roots projects in As Sawiya.


market stall llanidloes selling bric a brac and Palestinian food and crafts

The Llasfa stall at the Llanidloes Market, held on Saturdays regularly throughout the year.

Palestinian food and crafts are sold as well as general bric a brac to raise money for the Palestinian cause.

LASFA opposes any form of violent action and has no political affiliations.
Its funds are entirely devoted to achieving the above aims and it takes minimal expenses to cover costs.


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An illustrated talk by Adnan Hussein about life as a headteacher in Palestine

Wednesday 13th January 7pm
Llanidloes Community Centre - Bailey Room

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Personal account by Marg Munford of her trip to Palestine Read Marg Munyard's personal account of her recent trip to the West Bank
un international year of solidarity with the palestinian people

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